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15 April 2012 @ 12:48 am
So, I've decided to keep a master list so it's easier to find chapters and stuff. The archive feature just doesn't keep this as organized as I like. You'll find a link to this page on each page of the story if you need it like me. The names next to each chapter refer to who the chapter is about or whose viewpoint it is in.

All For a Smile
Part 1: We Got... Partnered
1.1: The Evil Director (PD Na)
1.2: Married Yet Again (Alex)
1.3: The Man With A Beautiful Face (TOP)
1.4: In Search of Sunshine (Yunho)
1.5: Hello Sunshine (Junsu)
1.6: My Dearest Femme-Fatale (Juri)
1.7: My Darling Sweetie (G.O.)
1.8: Family Man (Seunggi)
1.9: D-Lite-ful Blessings (Daesung)
1.10: Bad News (Hyung Joon)
1.11: Good News (Kevin)
1.12: An Awkward Situation (Yoseob)
1.13: An Even More Awkward Situation (Taecyeon)
1.14: The Most Wonderful Man on the Planet (Yesung)
1.15: Reality Check (Onew)

Part 2: A Fresh Perspective
2.1: A Little Help From My Friends (PD Na, everyone)
2.2: Video Conference: Junsu POV (Junsu)
2.3: Video Conference: Yunho POV (Yunho)
2.4: Uncle Phil (Alex)
2.5: Too Soon to Tell (TOP)
2.6: Love Hurts (Daesung)
2.7: The List (Seunggi)
2.8: He Said No (Kevin)
2.9: He Said Yes (Hyung Joon, Kevin)
2.10: A Time for Discourse: G.O. and Juri's Visit (G.O. and Juri)
2.11: Lovers' Quarrel (Juri)
2.12: The Ice Princess and Her Dragon (G.O.)
2.13: Yeobo, Yeobo... Surely You Jest (G.O. and Yoseob)
2.14: Everything's Fine! Honest! (Taecyeon)
2.15: Alone (Yoseob)
2.16: Of Fanfictions and Familial Quests (Yesung)
2.17: The Challenge (Onew, Yesung)

Part 3: Lifestyle "Adjustments"
3.1: Pains in the... Back (Junsu)
3.2: The "Adjustments" (everyone)
3.3: Identity Crisis (AKA TOP Needs Help) (TOP)
3.4: Conventional vs. Unconventional, Heels vs. Mustaches (G.O.)
3.5: Amen Sister! (Juri)
3.6: TOP in a Dress (Alex)
3.7: The Faint Threads of a Memory (Kevin)
3.8: Backstage Commentaries (everyone)
3.9: Of Kisses and Conception (Hyung Joon)
3.10: Wake Up, Sunshine (Yunho)
3.11: Bad Idea (Yesung)
3.12: Good Idea (Onew)
3.13: Pepero (Yoseob)
3.14: Inaccurate Calculations (Taecyeon)
3.15: Pepero Aftermath (Yoseob again)
3.16: Scenic Drive (Daesung)
3.17: Nightmare (Seunggi)
3.18: Bunny Kisses (Daesung again)

Part 4: Sunshine Couple's Baby Blues
4.1: Grandmother-To-Be (Junsu)
4.2: In-Laws (Yunho)
4.3: The Butt of All Jokes (Junsu and Yunho)
4.4: Green-Eyed Monster (Junsu)
4.5: A Highly Valued Friend (Yunho)
4.6: 'J' (Yunho)
4.7: Touchy-Feely (Junsu)
4.8: Of Piggies and Nightclubs (Junsu)
4.9: Cheot-sarang (Yunho)
4.10: The First Episode Revisited... And Junsu's Inner Voice Speaks Again (Junsu and Yunho)
4.11: Changmin's Story (Junsu and Yunho)
4.12: Drunken Revelry (Junsu and Yunho, bonus: Yoochun)

Part 5: Identity Crisis (cont'd.)
5.1: Smitten (Seunghyun)
5.2: Confidence... or the Lack Thereof (Alex)
5.3: He's Got It Baaaad.... (Seunghyun)
5.4: Settling Into A New Role (Seunghyun)
5.5: Settling Into A New Role Part II (Seunghyun)
5.6: Binglexes and Teddies and Cookies... Oh My! (Seunghyun and Alex)
5.7: Perfectionism (Alex and Seunghyun)
5.8: A Father in Search of a Child (Alex)
5.9: Innocence Untouched (Seunghyun)
5.10: Coincidence? (Seunghyun)
5.11: Alone (Seunghyun)
5.12: Taedi (Alex)
5.13: Not Alone (Seunghyun and Alex)
5.14: Three Sets of Cookies (Seunghyun)
5.15: Bam! (Taedi)
5.16: Freak vs Angel (Alex)
5.17: Waltz Lesson (Alex)
5.18: Kids Should Be Kids (Alex)
5.19: Lovable (Seunghyun)

Part 6: Two Men and a Little Lady
6.1: Taking Care of Jinki (Jongwoon)
6.2: Breakfast Calls (Jinki)

Order of future parts:
1. Hosu
2. Alhyun
3. Onsung
4. Daegi (Seungsung)
5. Okseob
6. G.O.ri
7. Joonvin

Anniversary Plans
In response to the 'Miracle' community's '2012 Kangin's Return' challenge
1: Recondition (Kangin + Shindong)
2: After-Army Plans (Kangin + Heechul)
3: 'Missing' Lovers (Kangin + Kyuhyun)
4: Hugs and Reassurance (Kangin + Ryeowook)
5: Donghae = Pest = Breakthrough (Kangin + Donghae)
6: The End of Loneliness (Kangin + Sungmin)
05 May 2013 @ 01:34 am
My dear readers (whoever is left, anyway),
I just wanted to apologize for my hiatus of a few months. I don't think I even warned you that there would be one, in fact. So, sorry.
As some of you know, I'm in my 20s and unemployed, so finding a job is a dream of mine. I'm in the training process for a career in teaching dance, but I really have no idea how or if it's going to work out. At any rate, that's what's been taking up most of my time and attention lately. Also, we have a performance coming up that I'm going to be in (I'm really wishing now I hadn't signed up for this AT ALL), so I'm going crazy and looking forward to it ending next weekend. In other words, it's putting me in the mood for some fluffy, romantic fanfic writing, just so I can have some joy in my life. So you can rest assured that I will be picking this fic up again, and hopefully it will be really, really soon.
On the more positive side of things, I went to the Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend. Yaaaaay! I enjoyed all of the performers, although I was particularly thrilled about getting to see Batoost (sorry: Beast) live. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but one thing I really find drool-worthy about a man is his muscular or toned arms, and I was DEFINITELY ogling Kikwang's arms (as usual). DAMN that boy is fine-lookin'. Also, I hadn't really been too aware of ZE:A before, but I was drooling over Jung Jun's biceps as well. Guh! If I ever meet either of them in person, I'll have to work extra hard to keep from groping those arms.
In terms of music... well, I liked it all. Even the trot music. I may or may not have bought albums afterward by trot singers. *blushes*  I was particularly impressed by the YB Band and Guckkasten. That style of music is usually not my thing, like trot music, but ever since moving to a larger city this year, strong rock or punk music is just the sort of battle music I need and enjoy when dealing with freeway traffic. I fell in love with Guckkasten with the first song they played that evening, which was their version of Sistar's "Alone".  Look it up. It's f***ing awesome.
And I finally got one of those light stick thingies! For the past few years that I've gone, I somehow missed getting one every time. This year, though, I found out that the Korean Air booth was handing them out. So I grabbed two (one for my aunt who was with me and one for me), which was fortunate since the first one I grabbed didn't work when evening came around.
Also, I sat next to this really cute and sweet grandmotherly Korean lady. She didn't know much English, but she asked me if I liked K-Pop. I replied in the affirmative, then pointed to the picture of Im Tae Kyung and said -- in Korean -- I liked him the most. I wanted to say that I was looking forward to him the most, since I had wanted to see him at last year's performance but he wasn't able to make it for some reason then, so I'd been looking forward to seeing him for over a year. Anyhow, the grandmother was pleased that I knew some Korean. When Im Tae Kyung came on stage later that evening, she nudged me conspiratorially and grinned at me. Despite our language differences, I absolutely loved chatting with her. She was so cute and awesome. Her relatives were nice, too.
All in all, it was a good evening. But I'm glad to be back, and I'm glad I'm nearing the end of my crazy schedule. Seriously, so much has been happening that I've been disturbingly scatterbrained. First, I left my car keys in the jacket that I left with my mum at the airport after she dropped off my aunt, which I needed to get my aunt and myself home later. Fortunately for me, my mum called me while I was going through security and told me to come back. Thank God! She lives an hour and a half drive away from the airport, and she would have had to pick us up later. Then, the next day, my aunt and I nearly missed the shuttle going back to the airport because I had forgotten about being at the designated pick-up place at least half-an-hour early. Yeesh! And yesterday, I forgot an important dance rehearsal meeting, which might mean I've been cut from that particular routine. Grrrr! When will it stop? When I start updating on the story again will hopefully be a sign that my life has returned to more natural and peaceful habits. Hopefully.
Until then!
~ Gigglemayhem
P.S. I meant to ask: how are my dear readers doing? Fine, I hope.
27 January 2013 @ 02:21 am

All for a Smile
by gigglemayhem
Part 6: Two Men and a Little Lady
Chapter 2: Breakfast Calls

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All for a Smile
by gigglemayhem
Part 6: Two Men and a Little Lady
Chapter 1: Taking Care of Jinki

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13 January 2013 @ 03:49 pm

All for a Smile
by gigglemayhem
Part 5: Identity Crisis Continued
Chapter 19: Lovable

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All for a Smile
by gigglemayhem
Part 5: Identity Crisis Continued
Chapter 18: Kids Should be Kids

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21 December 2012 @ 03:37 pm
All for a Smile
by gigglemayhem
Part 5: Identity Crisis Continued
Chapter 17: Waltz Lesson
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18 December 2012 @ 11:36 am
Dear Readers,
So, I had hoped to get back to writing last month, but my Japanese class suddenly got to being more time consuming so... I held off in favor of good grades. The class is now over, but I'm really not sure I'll get to publishing anything until January. Sorry guys!
On a good note, I just discovered a good way to get the story-lines to be less confusing to me. It is called: iCalendar. I don't use that app for my own personal use, so it helps with all of these couples and for me to get a somewhat realistic idea of where the stories can come together so it isn't messing up any story-lines. I wish I had thought to use iCalendar sooner.
So, yes, I am still working on the "All for a Smile" series, but it's going to take a while before it's completed. Sorry.
I love you all and I hope you enjoy the December holidays!
22 November 2012 @ 09:19 am
Dear Readers,
I just wanted to come out here and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, since that's what's being celebrated here today in the USA. So even if you don't celebrate this holiday, or you celebrate something similar on a different day, I just want you to know that I love and am grateful for each and every one of you! I'm grateful all the time, not just on Thanksgiving!
So thank you for being you, and thank you for sticking with me thus far despite the large breaks in writing time (Good gosh, it's nearly been two months!). And for those of you who I haven't met yet, or have not found me yet, I'm grateful for you as well.
Love to all!
~ gigglemayhem
29 September 2012 @ 12:42 am

All for a Smile
by gigglemayhem
Part 5: Identity Crisis Continued
Chapter 16: Freak vs Angel

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